Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Benefits of Using Lavender on Your Skin

The scent of lavender is something that isn't easily forgotten. It is an extraordinary treat for the nose. The scent is beautiful. The scent is remarkably relaxing. It is something that is truly unique.  For centuries, Lavender has been used to enhance the scent and feel of the air we breathe and the bodies we inhabit. This magical aromatic plant was used by the ancient Greeks as a holy herb in the making of the highly valued perfume, spikenard. In addition, the Romans actually used lavender to freshen their baths, beds, and hair. This isn't a surprising occurrence.  The word “lavender” can be etymologically traced back to the Latin ‘lavare’, which means “to wash.”  Aside from its heavenly scent, do you know why lavender has been used in skin and bath products for so long? The main reason is due to the amazing effects it can have on the skin. Some of the major skin benefits include:

The treatment of acne—do you suffer from acute acne? Lavender can help smooth and tame those pesky skin irritations. Try a face wash or body soap that contains lavender oil.

The treatment of eczema—experiencing dry, itchy, damaged skin? Lavender bath products can help hydrate your skin when you eczema flairs up.

The treatment of burns—lavender is a very soothing ingredient. Many skins products that contain it can actually help heal and aid minor burns.

When you want to keep your body smelling and feeling great, there’s nothing better than lavender skin products.  Discover the amazing differences of using lavender bath products in your daily routine. We guarantee that you won’t regret it.  Shop online today at to find the perfect product to aid your skin!