Friday, June 5, 2015

Culinary Lavender Recipes 1: Lavender Sea Salt and Pepper Encrusted Steaks

Did you know that lavender can be used in elegant, delectable meals? Most people aren't aware that lavender can be used in foods other than candy and gum.  Lavender can add a very floral, light and sweet taste to meat and vegetables. One of our newest products, lavender sea salt, is a must for every great chef’s spice cabinet.  This amazing spice blend is perfect on meats of all kinds. One of our favorite recipes here at is for lavender sea salt and pepper encrusted steaks. In order to cook this unique, mouth-watering dish, you’ll need:

2 8oz sirloin steak –make sure to take steaks out the refrigerator a half-hour before cooking.  Feel free to use any cut of beef you like, but we recommend using a sirloin.

2 T. of Island Lavender’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil— after patting steaks dry, massage 1 tablespoon onto each steak.

1 ½ t. of Island Lavender’s Lavender Sea Salt—put half of the Lavender Sea Salt onto each steak. And let sit for 15 minutes.

1 t. of freshly ground black pepper—put an equal amount of fresh ground pepper onto each steak.

1 minced glove of garlic—finely mince garlic and rub onto both steaks.

½ cup of red wine—after all ingredients have been added to the steaks, gently coat each steak with you choice of a dry red wine. Just remember not to add too much!

1 T. of unsalted butter—once steaks are fully seasoned, it is time to cook. We recommend using a cast iron skillet over high heat. Place the steaks and butter in the hot skillet and do not move for 30 seconds, then use tongs to flip and cook another 30 seconds. Transfer skillet to a 500 degree oven and cook for 2 minutes and flip the steaks and cook for another 2 minutes for medium rare. Add another minute to each side for medium. Feel free to use any method you enjoy, but we love the skillet because of the delicious coating the pepper, lavender sea salt, and wine creates.

Cooking with lavender is one thing all new and experienced chefs must try! Your taste buds will never be the same again. Shop online at and find amazing culinary products to help you create unforgettable meals for family and friends.